Buell X1 Viper N° 125 / 350

(Pictures of the Buell such as I had it, before modifications)


I seen in 1994 a strange doodad, all yellow, with a belt at the place of the classic chain (I had at this time a CBR1000F), I found the exhaust and the rear absorber shock during minimum 5 minutes. I moved to see this motorbyke because a dead noise drag out me of siesta, a noise I didn't know before. On this motorbike, they was inscribed, on the fuel tank, 5 letters : B U E L L and in more little below American Motorcycle. I told myself "Shit, me who detests the Harleys !!!".

Impossible to know where from it came, the owner was not in surroundings, I came back home with the picture of this superb and outstanding motorbike in my head.

In 2003, while I go surfing on Internet, I fall on the photograph of a Buell X1 Viper. A true thunderbolt, I see again the 5 letters that I had seen 8 years before and there, I tell myself that that's right that it is needed me.

In May, 2003, I decide to sell my watercraft for worries of backache (I know, need to be bloody stupid to buy Buell with this disability) and because rather well of monkeys begins making it. That comes to already 1 month when I search this motorbike and I saw from it only for sale 2 in France - It is necessary to saying that it is a numbered series and that only 350 copies were intended in Europe (350 also in USAS), therefore in May, I find one to sell in Grenoble (1200kms to be performed to meet my new passion) and I runs there immediately, without having tried it (just heard in a mobile phone).

Here is such as the owner had sold it to me (photographs that he had sent me before the purchase):


I therefore left again in this May 2003 with this superb device, loud and great hard to drive for somebody who had gone up on a motorbike for no more than 6 years! (The first turn should be besides a superb "straight " in pebbles!!!!).

Arrived at the home without too much worries (culbutors gaskets pouring with oil and with breaks of contact should to the rain). I made 2 topics on another page on these subjects because these small problems became BIG problems in 2005.

Today, some years later and few kilometers (1500 / year), it is a delight, a happiness of behaviour. No motorbike before has brought me this pleasure of driving (and of fixing things).

I am not ready to sell retail it (to the big regret of the one who had sold it to me).

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